Bitcoin EXACT Price/Date For Next BULLRUN! (Prepare NOW) BITCOIN TO $100,000 - BTC

Bitcoin EXACT Price/Date For Next BULLRUN! (Prepare NOW) BITCOIN TO $100,000 - BTC

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One hundred thousand dollars and when exactly this is expected. Bitcoin's bullish run late last year and early this year is amazing to watch, sending a new all-time high record at around  42 thousand. There is a lot of speculation that the correction will be as great as well. However, Bitcoin started trading at around 35 thousand in January, fluctuating up and down like the typical volatile market that it is recently. 

When do you think the next bull run that will take Bitcoin to one hundred thousand is going to happen? 

Well, let's consider some notable predictions and analysis. VOA News reported that Brian Estos last year, the bitcoin going from 18 thousand to 100 thousand is very possible. Brian Estes's chief investment officer at Off the chain Capital. 

It's a hedge fund, a group of investors who take financial risks together in order to try to earn a lot of money. Estos noted that he's seen Bitcoin go up 10 times, 20times, 30 times in a year or so. Going up just five times is not a big deal as it predicts. Bitcoin could hit between one hundred thousand and 298 thousand dollars by the end of 2021. 

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Let's consider some more predictions about Bitcoin

Tom Fitzpatrick, an expert in international banking group Citi, said in a note last week that Bitcoin could climb as high as 318 thousand dollars by the end of 2021. Fitzpatrick said the rise could come because of the currency's limited supply, ease of movement across borders, and unclear ownership. However, those numbers don't make sense to Toronto based Kevin Weir, an independent trader. He says he does not expect such huge gains for Bitcoin. 

He noted that it's an ordinary mania and extreme excitement or desire for something that is usually shared by many people. However, he admitted no one really has a clear idea about how high Bitcoin will go. Bitcoin relies on so-called mining computers that approve or confirm groups of transactions. 

The computers compete to solve mathematical puzzles every10 minutes, the first to solve the puzzle and clear the transaction is rewarded. New Bitcoins Bitcoins technology was designed to cut the reward for miners in half every four years. 

The idea behind the move was to reduce inflation and in May 2020 Bitcoin went through a third halving, which reduces the rate at which new coins are created. This, in turn, reduced supply, that having started bitcoins, renewed growth revenue is also reported that in a letter to investors, hedge fund Pentair Capital said squares cash app. And people have been buying all new bitcoins and these buys have caused a Bitcoin shortage cash app. and PayPal recently launched a cryptocurrency service to its more than three hundred million users. 

Also worthy of discussion is the Weil Index, measuring accounts holding at least a thousand bitcoins. This index is at an all-time high. This was reported by Phil Bonello, research director at Digital Asset Manager Greyscale Leonard Neoh as head of Research Stock Funds. 

He says with the entry of Square and PayPal, he expects a stronger increase in demand than in 2017  near predicts Bitcoin will reach 60,000 dollars to 80,000 dollars by the end of 021. Tempus and currency traders Juan Perez does not understand and is even shocked by all the big predictions that Perez said an estimate that Bitcoin would reach 100 thousand dollars next year would be a prediction about the collapse of the worldwide financial system. He said the governments around the world won't let that happen. 

But is he right? 

Quoin Telegraph Dotcom reports that the American megabank JP Morgan Chase, a strategy team led by Nicholas Penny Giertz, claimed that a theoretical target of 146 thousand plus could be sustainable for Bitcoin by the end of 2021, pushing the narrative that the digital currency seems to be a prime candidate for replacing gold as a long term store of value, especially for a budding bais of younger, more tech-savvy investors. 

Similarly, new data released by Pentair Capital, an investment firm and hedge fund, reiterates JP Morgan's sentiment surrounding Bitcoin, suggesting that its price action is closely following the stock to follow model, thus reaffirming its faith in the digital asset, adding the 115 thousand mark by August 1st. 

The stock to floor model that was developed by Plan B looks at Bitcoin having events that take place roughly every four years and how they play a direct role in spurring the currency's value. Roughly six months after each cycle in this regard, one can see that following each of the previous three halvings, Bitcoin has shown remarkable growth. 

For example, after May 2020, having the price of one bitcoin rested eight thousand only to shoot past 15 thousand after exactly six months. Reifies and Bank also employed the stock to flow model in a recent report to ascertain where Bitcoin might be headed in the near future. 

According to the company's research team, price targets beyond the one hundred thousand dollar mark or even one million dollars may be possible to achieve. The fact is now that the value is more than tripled in 2020 and momentum remains strong, future further gains should not surprise us, according to the study. 

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Other prominent players from the realm of traditional finance with projected big things for Bitcoin in the short term, including the visuals such as Andy Public PolicyDirector for Greater China cross-border payments provider Reesa, who believes that this rally is different from the one in 2017 as it marks a shift from high speculative, nonfunctioning tokens toward Bitcoin and ether, providing a more technical breakdown as to why institutions are betting big on Bitcoin. JP Thieriot, CEO of Asset Trading Platform Uphold ToltzCoin Telegraaf that unlike traditional dollar debasement havens like gold and other commodities, Bitcoin has zero elasticity on the supply side. 

He highlighted that if or when the price of gold reaches three thousand, marginal gold mines will once again fire up with the same dynamic being applicable with oil and every other nonmath based unit of account. He believes that the unique lack of supply-side elasticity means that price-wise, Bitcoin will respond more precipitously than things like gold to the exact same drivers. He, further out of the bitcoin is in the early stages of its rollout as its metamorphosis is from fringe curiosity to a must-have in portfolios. 

It's pretty logical to assume that inflows will grow. He said if he was a bookie, you would predict over-under 85 thousand for December 31st, 2021, the ever-increasing institutional demand seems to be changing the digital asset market, which in turn is driving many banks to make seemingly outlandish price predictions in relation to Bitcoin, for instance, more funds are now looking to enter the crypto game. 

And recently American firm Osprey funds announced that it will be launching its over counter crypto solution Osprey Bitcoin Trust, which will likely rival greyscaleBitcoin trust. The market sentiment is also looking like a factor that can propel the price. 

When looking at the market sentiment around Bitcoin, the digital currency is increasingly showing correlations with the core functions traditionally afforded by traditional fiat currencies for their users. That is, it's become a unit of account, a standard of deferred payments, and lastly, a tangible long term store of value. 

Also, over the course of 2020, an increasing number of e-commerce platforms out of support for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a method of the transaction to pay for goods and services. PayPal, for example, a company that boasts a strong merchant base, now allows users to buy, sell and store cryptocurrency via its platform. 

On the subject, Paolo Arduino, chief technology officer of crypto exchange finance, told Choying Telegraph that consumer sentiment around Bitcoin is overwhelmingly bullish right now and that people who are celebrating the rise of various altcoins and other off-chain solutions, other success to the flagship crypto, adding that the king of crypto is the base layer for an emerging alternative financial system, he said the bitcoin is providing a solid foundation for a staggering array of projects, some of which will fundamentally change the nature of money by the end of the decade. 

Theriot, the Uphold CEO mentioned earlier that he believes that the sentiment driving Bitcoin is a result of previously unseen levels of currency debasement generated by the monetary response to covid-19. Beyond retail speculation, he believes corporations are looking to hedge their fiat exposure, evidently seeing some relative advantages of Bitcoin over traditional havens like gold and subsequently jumping in. He added that the early jumpers have been handsomely rewarded and so the trend is likely to continue. 

bitcoin price prediction graph
Pic Credit: Crypto Lion

Let's take a look at the chart. In this chart, we can see the bitcoin prices and closed in a channel. The price has been to the top of the channel once, as is visible in this chart, and is just playing around the base of the channel. 

Also noticeable on the chart is the retracement calculation. This prediction has been done since 2018 and there's an expectation that the price is going to go up as far as one hundred thousand in the near future, around 2021. 

Maybe the coronavirus and all may be bad for this prediction. But of course, Bitcoin handled the pandemic in a very good way. And we're right back on a bullish run that could fulfill this prediction. Of course, it's best that you do your own research before you assume a position on the Bitcoin market or before you invest all sorts, advise that you invest with money that you set aside for this purpose and not money that you need to take care of yourself because bitcoin is very volatile and one can lose all their money. We're here to keep you informed about news and predictions. Your personal research is very important as well. 

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