Future Job Opportunities in India

Future Job Opportunities in India

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Every time we sit down to think about jobs of the future, automatically one starts thinking of a black mirror episode, flying cars, and living on Mars. But truth be told with the way Musk is moving he seems to be there already. 

This article it's not just for students who are trying to figure where they can get employed 10yrs from now, but this is also for working professionals who want to upskill, they want to grow and they want to keep themselves relevant with the times. 

Year on year changes in technology offer new opportunities in the employment scenario. What we need to understand is that as the years go by new branches will grow on the existing stems of professional fields With advancements in technology and societal changes these fields will keep evolving. So let's take a look at this one by one 

Engineering Avenues

My child will grow up to be an engineer is still a legit ambition for parents to have. Obviously, software engineers are going to find it easier to find jobs with every passing day. And those who supplement their engineering degree with other fields, fields like finance, HR, or an MBA they will be at the top of the list for these streams. 

But let it be known that this could be flipped as well, an MBA graduate could become an expert in Cloud, or a lawyer could do a course on AI and reach the top of the heap. Some professions that will explode are Blockchain Engineer. The Blockchain revolution is inevitable for the financial world. Blockchain goes beyond cryptocurrency. 

Blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed not to record just financial transactions, but anything and everything of value.” From global payments music sharing, and even tracking diamond sales. There are numerous opportunities for blockchain engineers which as you can see this area on a rise. 

AI Manager 

As India moves in the direction where data is the new gold, there will be a demand not just for AI, machine learning, and data sciences but also for a business expert. Someone who can wrap their head around big data and use it for a company to move ahead. 

And if there's all this data that is being generated then soon there will be a need for someone who brokers all this data too. A Personal Data Brokers - that person will ensure that both parties benefit. 

Consumers receive revenue from their data and companies are receiving legit big data. take a look at this image and it would give you an idea of how much data could be worth right here in India.  

3d printing engineer 

The days of using 3D printing to create anything from prosthetic hands to action figures that’s old news. 

Now imagine that you are already an architect or a structural engineer you can leverage on this and learn 3d printing and become a makeshift structure engineer who is creating housing units in several hours. 

This is going to be vital especially during emergencies brought about by – wars, climate change, and pandemics in the world. 

Wellness and care for the elderly

India has one of the biggest working populations in the world. Young people today, they are investing more and more in themselves and in their health care. And so the demand for nutritionists, gym and yoga instructors, physiotherapists will only increase. 

Each of these again supplements each other and people will start looking for a one-stop person that can provide them with all these facilities. A working population it will eventually get old, more and more people who are not having children will look for the best in class eldercare services and facilities. 

The days of depressing old people’s homes well those will be replaced by ones that will provide entertainment, technology, and the best facilities for a generation that will have savings. 


Agriculture contributes 15% of India's GDP and it employees more than 50% of our population. Whether the controversial farm laws get passed in their present form or in another version modernizing this industry is something that we will have to do as a nation. 

With that modernization, fewer people will be employed and new jobs will have to be created for those who have lost their income. This is a very complicated situation, to say the least, and ideas like universal basic income will be needed to at least considered as a thought in the future. 

The ones who will survive will be educated and skilled- skilled in machine operations, urban farming, and blockchain. 


Automated cars and trucks on Indian roads seem pretty unlikely in the next decade. If a Tesla can handle this traffic signal then we have to admit Musk. But transportation will still see a huge change because of companies that are streamlining logistics on a digital scale. 

Drone traffic optimizer

I am sure that are a lot of future professions that I haven't even thought of or seen in any of my research, but I am sure you geniuses in the tribe might be able to think about them. It could be that some professions like this in another decade or so, they will be everywhere. And someone will need to oversee their flight paths so they don’t begin to wreak complete havoc. 

And that’s how you will get The birth of a drone traffic optimizer. But before we get there, we'll need skilled drone operators. India has certain laws in place for drone pilots, but using drones for anything besides filming weddings, movies, and insta reels have not taken off properly …as yet. 

Drones can be used for farming, wildlife preservation, construction, and defense. And they will need skilled Pilots in each of these fields. 

Digital currency advisor 

While India still might be trying to figure which side of the fence they lie about when it comes to the digital currency, even if they do decide to go ahead with only Indian cryptocurrencies, like any market there will be more than one option. 

This means that it would create the need for a Digital currency advisor. Digital currency advisors will have backgrounds in accounting, financial management, and data security. 

The human angle

In arts and entertainment will also see a lot of changes because of technology. Over the last 30yrs, the need for animators has exploded. Jurassic park which released in 1993 is still a great movie to watch but when you compare it to today's movies the change in quality is obvious. 

Technicians working behind the scene to bring about better products will always find work. With technology like deep fake actors are about to become immortal and there’s no real reason for filmmakers to stop working with Amitabh Bachan even long after he’s gone. 

That may not be good news for up and coming actors but technology is giving them avenues like youtube insta that earlier artists never had. Even in the events industry every year we find new technologies being introduced and the artists and technicians who took the time to learn will find constant work. 

But all this considered there will be certain industries where the customer will want the human touch. People like barbers, fashion designers, painters, singers, will always have customers as long as they are good at what they do and automation. I don't think it will not replace them very soon 

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