Space Chief's Makes a Shocking Alien Confession

Space Chief's Makes a Shocking Alien Confession

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Mars- a cold, lifeless place. Yet just a few meters beneath the surface a secret underground base hums with activity. American astronauts walk the hallways of this secret base, talking and exchanging research notes with... aliens from another planet. 

This might sound like the opening to a fantasy novel, but according to one of the most credible individuals in the world- it's our present-day reality. Doctor Chaim Eshed is not a backwoods country-bumpkin talking about strange lights in the sky and little green men putting probes where the sun don't shine, he's one of the most respected men in Israel and American both. 

A former general in the Israeli military, he's also the co-founder of Israel's space agency and considered a national hero for his efforts to launch Israel into the space age. More than that, he's a proffesor of aeronautics and astronautics, and a member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. 

As far as credentials go, short of being president you can't get any better. And he has one message for the world, revealed in a shocking interview in early December 2020: Aliens are real, and the American and Israeli governments are cooperating with them. 

According to Dr. Eshed, aliens representing a galactic federation of like-minded species have made contact with at least two governments on earth: the Israeli and American governments. At this time it's unknown if other governments are involved, and it's likely that Israel's involvement is due to American cooperation, which would mean other close US allies such as Britain and France are likely also aware of the existence of these extraterrestrials. 

Don't worry, these aliens aren't here to eat your brains- instead, they're curious about humanity and awaiting a time when humanity is mature enough to join their galactic federation of allied species, who share the ultimate goal of understanding the universe. 

Well, admittedly that's exactly what brain-eating space aliens would want you to believe, but according to Dr. Eshed, their intentions are so far peaceful. In fact, cooperation agreements have already been signed between the US and these aliens, resulting in a research laboratory on Mars itself where American astronauts work side-by-side with the extraterrestrials. 

Former President Donald Trump, not only knows about the existence of these aliens, he nearly revealed their existence publicly but was warned not to due to concerns over mass hysteria. Surprisingly, if  Dr. Eshed's claims are true, that's one piece of advice Donald Trump seems to have listened to. 

Shocking Alien Confession

So wait, is this for real? 

Let's explore the reasons why this claim is likely a fabrication, and why it might actually be real. As you'll see, Dr. Eshed is far from the only high-level, credible individual to have come out making a startlingly similar claim. 

First, let's investigate why this claim is likely false. Dr. Haim Eshed is certainly a credible witness as far as qualifications go, yet he is currently selling a book dedicated at least in part to his claims of extraterrestrial contact. 

This can't help but cast aspersions on his claim of space aliens- as the old saying goes, it can be hard to trust a man with a book to sell. In both the United States and Israel though there's another saying amongst the intelligence communities responsible for both protecting each nation's highest national secrets, and discovering those of the enemy's, and that saying is that aliens make great cover stories. 

A US CIA agent once famously said, “I love UFO stories, because as long as people look up into the sky and see something weird and they're thinking 'alien spacecraft', they're not thinking 'secret US plane'”. 

This idea is pretty sound, and in fact, it has now been proven that many UFO sightings over the years have in fact been sightings of aircraft such as the American F-117 stealth fighter, B-2 stealth bomber, and specially modified Blackhawk helicopters used by special operations forces- especially true when these aircraft were still in their secret design and testing phases and not quite yet public knowledge. 

The simple truth is that aliens make for a great cover story for secret government programs, and this leads us back to Dr. Haim Eshed. Dr. Eshed has a career in the Israeli military, attaining the rank of General. 

He also helped found the Israeli space program, a vital element of the Israeli intelligence apparatus, as it was largely geared towards establishing a space-based military and surveillance infrastructure. For a country with as many enemies as Israel, a robust space capability is of the utmost importance. 

While Dr. Eshed may not have been directly employed by Israel's intelligence agencies, he was no doubt heavily in support of them in his duties with the Israeli space agency. Given the extremely craft nature of Israeli intelligence operations, amongst the most legendary in the world, it is not at all unbelievable that Dr. Haim Eshed is merely fulfilling one final task on behalf of the American and Israeli intelligence services: disseminating disinformation to act as a cover story for current and future secret programs. 

As he has himself stated publicly, he's 87years old and no longer cares about his reputation. The claims of human-alien cooperation are also dubious at best. According to Dr. Eshed, American astronauts work side-by-side with aliens in a secret base on Mars, conducting research together. 

If an alien species is intelligent enough to cross the galaxy and get to us in a timely fashion, then what possible use are humans to them in conducting research? Even their calculators would be smarter than us. Having humans assist space-faring aliens in research would be like inviting a wild chimpanzee into a research lab to help develop a covid vaccine. 

Given humanity's behavior throughout 2020, both scenarios would likely involve equal amounts of poop throwing. 

But what if the claims are real? 

Well, there might be quite a lot of factors proving Dr. Eshed's story is actually true. First, we have Dr. Haim Eshed himself. A career military professional, cofounder of a space agency, respected academic, and no history of mental illness or delusions. 

He served with the Israeli space program for nearly thirty years, receiving the Israel defense award three times- twice for technological inventions that remain classified to this day. The doctor is clearly intelligent and possesses a high amount of integrity- nobody lasts as long as he has in high-security clearance work without impeccable integrity. 

In short, if anyone was going to leak the news that aliens are real, then Dr. Eshed is quite literally the perfect, most trustworthy candidate to do so. The only possible way this announcement could have been more believable is if the claim was made by a serving head of state themselves in an official capacity. 

What we have here is one step short of the perfect witness, which makes it curious that his claims are so easily being dismissed. Ask yourself the question- who would you believe if not a man of Dr. Eshed's qualifications? But Dr. Eshed isn't alone in his belief in extraterrestrials. 

In a 2014 interview with Jimmy Kimmel, former president Bill Clinton said that he wouldn't be surprised if aliens visited the earth, however, he denied knowledge of actual aliens recovered from Roswell or being held in Area51. 

He is hardly the only member of his administration with a belief in aliens though, with John Podesta, President Clinton's former chief of staff, making his belief in visiting extraterrestrials very public, but much as his former boss, stopping short of confirming any knowledge of government involvement. 

Two of the most shocking claims of aliens visiting earth however come from political leaders in Canada and Russia. In 1997, Kirsan Ilyumizhinov, head of the Russian-controlled Republic of Kalmykia, said that he was shocked to discover a hovering UFO right outside his balcony. 

The aliens flew Ilyumizhinov to space and showed him the truth about UFOs. His claims prompted a bit of a political panic in Russia, with some questioning his fitness to remain in office- though curiously some of Russia's Duma members were concerned with the potential leaking of classified state secrets to aliens beings, and asked for direction on how to properly respond if approached by extraterrestrials. 

Perhaps even more shocking though maybe the revelation of one of Canada's former defense ministers- until today the highest-ranked state official to reveal the potential existence of alien life on earth. Serving from 1963 to 1967 as defense minister for America's polite tophat, Paul Hellyer shocked the world during a speech at the University of Calgary. 

Mr. Hellyer claims that aliens have been visiting earth for thousands of years, and perhaps unsurprisingly, don't seem particularly impressed with humanity. According to him, the aliens' chief critique of humanity is that we spend entirely too much time fighting each other, spend too much money on our militaries, and not enough on feeding the poor or helping sick people. 

According to Hellyer, aliens even walk amongst us, with up to 80 different species visiting the earth and some looking so human that we don't even notice. The good news is that most of the aliens seem to be benevolent, and concerned over our previous use of nuclear weapons and that we might use them again in the future. 

Generally concerned over humanity's future, the aliens are waiting for humanity to mature before sharing advanced technology with us. However, several species have outright hostile intentions that we need to be wary of, though he declined to share any specifics on these evil aliens. 

Both of our previous figures have been painted as crackpots in the media, but our next witness is a real American hero, and one of the few men to ever set foot on another heavenly body- with manmade technology anyways. 

Astronaut Edgar D. Mitchell is famous for landing on the moon and helping save the lives of all aboard the Apollo 14 mission as it descended to the moon's surface. However, in recent years he has also come out with claims that aliens are not just real but actively involved in monitoring mankind. 

Unlike other leakers, Mitchell however stops short of claiming close cooperation between aliens and world governments and has never claimed to have met one himself. Instead, Mitchell claims that his experience in both the US Air Force and NASA put him in contact with many individuals all telling the same story- UFOs have been closely monitoring humanity, and especially its nuclear weapons. 

In fact, he believes that their goal has been to avert a nuclear war between the US and Russia- or the Soviet Union. Mitchell's claims aren't solitary either, over the years dozens of nuclear facility and nuclear missile silo security, maintenance, and launch personnel have come forward all claiming to have witnessed UFOs over nuclear facilities and at times, even shutting down nuclear missiles. 

Certainly, the evidence is mounting however that somebody on earth is flying craft with unusual flight characteristics, as shown in now multiple videos declassified by the US Navy of their aircraft in pursuit of UFOs. But if these crafts are truly alien or not remains unknown, though perhaps Dr. Haim Eshed has had the answer all along. 

The true mystery however may be why a man with such impeccable credentials as Dr. Eshed is willing to risk his reputation on such outlandish claims. The truth isn't out there, it's right here! Check out Military Can't Explain These UFOsat US And Russian Nuclear Weapon Sites.

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